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 We know something’s inside motivating you to transform your body. It’s burning away inside you as it does for many people.

You may have a specific number you have in mind – an amount of weight you want to lose to wear your favourite pair of jeans or dress again and feel happy, comfortable and confident, like you used to.

It could be the desire to have more energy to keep up with your kids or grandkids, wake up motivated and power through the workday feeling energised, focused and in control.

For many people, it’s simply about the bigger picture – the long-term health benefits of a fit, healthy body.


Tell us what’s motivating you, let us help you become a better version of yourself. 


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Personal Training 

Bespoke 1 -2 -1 personal training at a location convenient  to you. 

We specialise in busy people with busy schedules. 

If time is a premium, let us help you stay on top of your fitness goals

Boot camp Exercise sessions

If you lack motivation or discipline to stick to a training programme,


Enjoy working out in small groups of like minded people. 

Achieve overall fitness results you though weren't possible.

York Running Tours

New to 2021. 

A guided running tour around the beautiful city of York!

Enjoy the sights and sounds whilst improving your fitness levels, all abilities welcome!

Contact us to find out more