Bootcamp exercise classes 

       IS IT FOR ME?

  • Anyone interested in improving their fitness -aged 16+ looking for the best in outdoor training.

  • All fitness abilities wanting to train in a friendly sociable group environment.

  • Those lacking in motivation and discipline to stick to a fitness program.

  • Everyone! We use progressions and regressions to individually challenge each member.



  • Increased fat burning and weight loss.

  • Increased overall fitness results that you can see.

  • Improved core strength, power, and speed

  • Increased strength and muscle control to improve function.



  • Results based fitness programme that burns calories.

  • Shatter your perceived limits and hit. your goals what ever

  • Constant adaptation and variation in every session.

  • Each session designed to engage and improve your fitness.

  • Stay motivated and focused by our highly trained instructors.

  • Fast improvements in cardio, strength, and tone.

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