Personal Training 

Why use a Personal Trainer?



They have the power to educate

We spend our whole lives, learning, exercising, training ourselves and others.


They help perfect your form

Poor form and technique leads to injury, well help you perfect technique to maximise results and allow you to be confident in any fitness environment.


They cater to your personal requirements

Everyone is different! we understand this and cater a plan specific to your needs and goals.


They help you set long-term realistic goals

We help you achieve a change in lifestyle and habits that will last a lifetime.


They can support your plans to get fit for short term goal or activity

We help you train well for the event so on the day you can enjoy it knowing that you are fully prepared to perform at you best.


They keep you accountable to your new fitness routine

Some of us need help with motivation sometimes, we are that motivation.


They show you how to minimise time wasted and maximise results

Busy lives, busy schedules, we help maximise the results when you don’t have much spare time.


They can bolster a PT plan with nutritional guidance

Turbo charge any fitness plan and achieve you goals faster with good nutrition; we provide the guidance you need.


They make your mental well-being a priority

Healthy on body, healthy in mind, we understand people have ups and downs, our priority is our clients well-being.


They renew your confidence as a part of your support network

We want our client to do well and progress, get better, fitter stronger leaner. If you are doing well, we will tell you about it.


They keep you on track to start & keep healthy habits

People often lose sight of our objectives; we keep you moving in the right direction no mater what.


They offer consistency & customisation with a specialised training plan

Everyone is different, a customised fitness plan designed specifically for you will provide achievable and sustainable results.


They accommodate to your schedule

Want to exercise at a time that is convenient to you? We understand some people have busy schedules.


They offer flexibility on where you want to train

Can’t get to gym? Nowhere to exercise? no problem we come to you.

Muscular Man Lifting Kettle Ball